The MMM is a program that applies the wisdom of ancient Tantric yoga teachings in a contemporary way in order for you to live your best life possible. Whether you’re noticing that you’re stuck in an old story of muck and aren’t able to find the love you’ve been desiring. Or you’re wanting to up-level your career, the MMM will help you realize your heart’s desire. Do you even know what that is?

Since 1999 I’ve been assisting and helping clients improve the quality of their lives. The work is collaborative involving you, the client, who is seeking to become the person you always wanted to be.

The Mindful Meditation Method was created from my desire to bring the fire of passion and richness back into your life. It was formulated to help me move through a very difficult time. I was falling down the rabbit hole of distress, unworthiness and anxiety. I didn’t trust myself.

So I took myself through a set of sacred practices and came out on the other side more radiant and alive. As a result I was inspired to take these ancient practices and offer them in a way that supports modern living.

The Mindful Meditation Method is for anyone seeking less stress and more radiance. If you have a strong desire to find what it is that’s stopping you from breaking through your resistance, and why you continue to get stuck The Mindful Meditation Method is for you. Let me help you to find your inner guru, ignite your life passion, and live your highest potential.

“As I expanded my work I was a thrilled with the powerful impact the method I developed had on the lives of my clients.”

As I expanded my work I was a thrilled with the powerful impact the method I developed had on the lives of my clients.

This is a practice that has the potential to help you engage more in your relationships. Expand your personal and world view and clearly envision the life you’ve always wanted. No matter what age, you can still become the person you’ve always wanted to be. And live a life of excellence. It’s never too late!

Here’s What You Receive with The Mindful Meditation Method

  • Tele-seminar:

    We meet 50 minutes 1x a week for 5 weeks on a tele-conference call. All calls are recorded for your convenience and learning.

  • Each call offers 5 minutes of Q and A.

  • You receive 5 - 15 minute guided meditations led by Paulette. One for each week’s focus.

  • 10-20 minutes of homework each week.

  • Access to our private Facebook community.

  • Options: Skype for personal mentoring.