Transitions and Transformations

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Dear Friends,


On Saturday, September 22, an incredible group of women gathered to celebrate the fall equinox. To honor the transition of the long hot days of summer welcoming in the cooler shorter days of fall.

We were blessed to have the opportunity to sit in circle and walk the sacred land near the Tonto National Forest. While locally in Arizona the temps have continued to hover in the 100’s the hope and promise of what fall brings was collectively held in our hearts.

My friend and collaborator of the Harvest Home day retreat and I, intentionally chose this quarter-time of year. As many of the mystic traditions teach it is a time when the veil between worlds is thinnest. Helping to create more ease in which to slip through the portal and into the chamber of your deep inner wisdom.

Our group of women ranged in ages from their mid-20’s into their 60’s. That alone was cause for celebration. To have several generations represented, sitting together in conversation, open to learning from one another was and is a treasure.

What surfaced among us, and not so surprising, was the common thread that wove through each female heart. Every voice, in her own way, spoke of a transition they were in. And each in her own way expressed the desire and need for connection as they learned how to navigate through the ebb and flow of it all.

The cycles of nature exist internally and externally. One does not experience or live through a cycle of change without the outcome of transformation. There are times when a transformation is welcomed. Yet, there are times when the metamorphosis happens unexpectedly.

One of my favorite aphorism’s, from my teacher Douglas Brooks, that speaks to this universal experience, is “change is not a problem to be solved.” While that teaching is freeing transitions and change often feels daunting. Even scares the bejesus out of us.

Whether the shift was positive, or seemingly negative and painful, these vulnerable and brave women spoke of how feeling supported and connected to another trusted soul(s) meant a world of difference to their sense of self.

These continue to be turbulent times for all of us living on this spinning blue planet. We often feel unsettled, confused and darn right frightened of what’s next. We worry about our own well-being and for many of us we angst over our children and grandchildren.

My hope is that you will find your “people.” Find your community or that one special human being who will be there for you. Someone who will hold your fears and triumphs in the palm of their hand as if you gave them a priceless Faberge’ egg. For indeed, to open your heart to another in such a way is a gift of grand trust.

Even when you feel like no one understands what you’re going through and that you are all alone, remember that truly you are not. Even when it scares you, still reach out. Even when you might be hesitant, stay in the conversation. The world needs each and every one of you. Tattered hearts especially. For they know what it is to love.


With love,



P.S. Stay-tuned for more ways in which to be in community and conversation.

Watch for the launch of PB-TV, an educational inter-net program, where I interview guest speakers discussing women-centric topics that are informative and inspiring.

Soon, a free on-line book discussion group on the lessons gleaned from, The BreakAway Girl: Secrets of a Tantric Yogi.

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