Why I Refuse to Make New Year’s Resolutions

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For more years than I care to admit I spent agonizing hours making lists of resolutions that I was sure I would pursue, accomplish and complete. However, after majestically failing at most of them year after year after year I simply stopped cold turkey.

Oddly enough, the first New Year that I refused to make another resolution, I felt I was failing yet again. I felt oddly bereft, as if I lost something. And here’s the thing, I was losing something. I was loosing a dirty little habit that was un-healthy for me.

I let go of a habit that had been perpetuating my insecurities, my self-doubt, my self-worth issues, my false beliefs…well, you get the picture. I was caught on a hamster wheel of inner ugly-me syndrome.

The freedom I soon realized was exhilarating, inspiring and opened up more possibilities of a renewed sense of self and personal vision than I ever imagined.

October to January is sacred time for me. Instead of waiting for the fateful eve of the new year, I spend the last quarter of the year contemplating, meditating, percolating, incubating. I ask for guidance and get as crystal clear as I’m capable of on my inner landscape and outer vision.

I look at the domains of my life and seek to truly know where I’m in balance and where I am not. I seek to know where I’m holding on with a death grip that I might open to Grace more, where I might initiate more muscle energy of courageous conceptualizing, and where I might exert more organic energy of disciplined action.

Then I set about the practices that are now uplifting, motivating and in alignment with my Highest Self, and as a result help me to Soar. I literally follow the strategies that I created in The WORTH System because I trust they work. I am living proof that you can create a life of joy, peace and love.

Please contact me to find out how The WORTH System can help you too find more joy, peace, clarity and LOVE.

 To Your Intrinsic WORTH,


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