Asana Card Deck – The deck is comprised of 60 cards. (See product Description Tab below)

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The front of the card’s Yantra design was inspired by the elements of nature and the Tantric teaching of the peacock. Just like the egg of the peacock we hold within us great potentiality for beauty and creativity. Also, on the front of the card is the Sanskrit name of the asana and a verse that captures its essence. On the back is a black and white photo of the pose, the English name, the principles of alignment, the focal point and its key alignment focus. Included is a chakra color coding for each category of postures.The deck can be used as flashcards to learn the names of the poses, to learn how to sequence an empowering class, and for a seed contemplation.

The cards are eclectic and appropriate for any style of hatha yoga. The asana card deck was a labor of love and collaboration between Nancy Dales and Paulette Bodeman.