Live Beyond Your Pose!

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I’m so sorry it’s almost mid-April and I’m only now connecting with you. As I imagine you relate to how quickly the days drift one into the other. Life is full, rich, precious.

Each day the ordinariness of life tastes richer, more flavorful.

An unexpected chat with a dear friend brings tears of joy.

Walking the dog you smile at how he stops to smell the creosote bush. Pausing, you gaze out at the mountains and feel the solid steady thumping of your heart inside your chest.​

Observing the desert bloom in bright sun yellow, shades of silvery green and explosions of color the artist within you longs to live more passionately.

Your cousin, sibling, aunt, uncle visits. Together you unwrap treasured memories and taste the sweetness of shared experience.

Sitting on the front porch watching the moon come up is a prayer. Listening to the hoot hoot of a night owl connects your spirit to Nature.

Taking in a deeper breath you feel grateful for the gift of life.

While life in its simplicity is potent, so too are the joys of doing work you love.

I’m blessed in that way. Teaching yoga for almost 20 years, in all of its aspects, is a privilege.

Also, the past several years I’ve responded to the call of my community with the addition of mentoring and coaching.

After much reflection I felt drawn to make it “official.” Recently, I graduated from a 6 month life and leadership immersion program through Prescott College, where years prior I earned a degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

I see this work, collaboration of client and coach, as another sweet flavorful offering. My approach and style is based on the belief of integral coaching. Of seeing the client as a whole person. It is a powerful complement to the teachings of yoga.

In fact, I believe that authentic solid coaching is based on yoga psychology/philosophy. As a yoga practitioner and teacher for many years my personal philosophy of coaching is to help clients “learn to live beyond your pose.” 

Still today, for many practitioners, the idea is that they “do” yoga. Somehow there is a disconnect, a separation, a distinction between yoga on the mat and everyday life. I want to help shift that perspective.

When you fall out of tree pose, how do you react? What does your inner critique have to say?

When you kick up into a handstand for the first time how do you feel? What emotion is evoked?Why?

When you sit in meditation counting the cycles of your breath what happens to your energy? Are you aware of your thoughts?

When you return home after class are you able to see, feel, taste the inner and outer experience? Understand the metaphor of your life that took place on your mat? 

Whether you never step onto a mat, rolled it up years ago and shoved it back in the corner of your closet, take classes frequently, or you are just the tiniest bit curious about yoga philosophy and the yoga craze, I am here to tell you that yoga is all around you.

Yoga is how you interact in your relationships. How you talk to yourself and others. How fully engaged you are in your life. Or disengaged. How happy or depressed you are. Yoga is the way you perceive the world. Yoga is the breath. Yoga is…!

It’s not just on your mat. Asana, or doing poses is only one sliver of the potential and possibility that the whole of yoga offers you. Coaching is yet another taste or flavor of yoga. It helps open the door wider to the sweet possibilities of living and loving your life to its fullest.

The ingredients of both, the integration of both, makes for the most exquisite slow food natural life feast.

Are you living beyond your pose? Is there a separation between your yoga mat and your life? Are you curious about the depth of yoga? Coaching? How might I help you integrate “your mat and your life?”

I’d really enjoy hearing from you. Please continue the conversation.

“Coaching provides a safe environment in which collaboration between coach and client is established, inviting curiosity and conversation while seeking commitment and clarity. In creating a safe space of exploration the client is able to open to new perspectives and possibilities beyond the immediate concern.”             Lightup

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Douglas Brooks in Arizona
February, 2015

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With me, and my dear friend Denise Hatch, in the mystical region of Umbria Italy – May 20-27, 2015.

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