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The plane smoothly touches the tarmac and glides to an abrupt stop. My heart pounds fiercely against my chest. Slowly I release the white-knuckle grip I have on my husband’s arm. I look into his smiling eyes and we grin like children.

“We’re here!” we exclaim in unison.

Waiting for our bags at the bustling Rome airport I do a 360 degree turn, reveling in the diversity. My ears literally perk up to the lyrical sound of Italian, familiar American English, the sexy smoothness of French, and on it goes.

I’m twirling on a merry-go-round of language, texture, smell, and sight. And oh my gosh, I’m still in the airport!

Rolling our luggage to the street we scope out the taxi line and queue up. We’ve been awake over 24 hours. Energized, I feel like the pink bunny. It’s almost impossible to contain my excitement. I want to hop up and down. Get moving. Soak in as much as is possible.

We have arrived. Smack dab in the middle of things. We stepped foot in the heart of the conversation of life.

This is not a musical. Nothing around us has frozen still just because We have landed. 

The dynamic pulsing chaos of life could care less. Instead, it simply scooped us up. Absorbed us into the middle of the Italian conversation of life. With all of its interests, desires, power, corruption, intrigue, mystery, deliciousness, ecstasy.

La Dolce Vita.

In this moment I experience a visceral “hit” that I am living a Tantric Yoga teaching. I am living yoga.

From my perspective, stepping into the middle of the conversation is what I describe as, living beyond your pose. 

When you leap directly into the mid-point, courage is called upon. 

However, when you do take the leap, feel assured that you have positioned yourself in the optimal center for explosive growth. 

The potential and possibility for expansion is exponential.

Three days later we traveled to the Borgo della Marmotta, in Poreto Umbria, where we met our host Lex, and our retreat participants. 

Together, Denise and I planned, prayed, meditated, and envisioned that all who joined us entered into the conversation with courageous hearts.

Creating community, sharing meals, living yoga on and off the mat brought more than any imagined. Hearts were lifted, bodies were challenged, minds were expanded and spirits renewed.

Relationships deepened. With one another. With the Self.

Half way round the world each and every one of us left a piece of ourselves. Paradoxically, each and every one returned home fuller. More whole.

So profound was the conversation that we are thrilled to be returning to the sacred region of Umbria. November 3-11 2016. It is an exquisite time of year.  The land will offer her bounty. Wine grapes and olive trees will stand ready for garnering.

Join me and Denise, founders of, Home in the Mystic Heart, as we delve deeper into the conversation. Come harvest the fruits of your Heart. You will never be the same.

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When you hear or read, Home in the Mystic Heart, what does that evoke in you?

In what ways does a retreat help you to return Home to the Mystic Heart?

Bacio, (Hugs)




  1. Paulette,
    I was privileged to spend the last part of your Italian conversation of life with you and Steve!
    Your well written story of your travel and visceral experience is how I feel every time I am here in Italy!

    1. Author

      While you and your Italian husband of 40 years brought the conversation to a depth that is indescribable.I imagine you do feel that way. I can’t wait to return. Enjoy your time and the engagement of life that is Italia.

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