Are You Hiding? Are You Playing Hide and Seek with Your SELF?

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Happy Fall!

Here in Arizona fall has truly arrived. Yesterday morning after my meditation practice I walked out my back door, steaming coffee mug in hand, just to feel the chill and crispness of this November’s air. In awe I gazed upwards at the early morning sky that was stark with billowing grey clouds. Standing on the cool pavers in my bare feet I felt connected to the earth and the sky as I watched the sun peek through patches of blue sky. Then in a blink the clouds swooped in and once again the sun was concealed from view.

For most Arizonans a change in weather is a thrill, especially cool and cloudy days. It feels quieter in a powerful and full way. As the sun played hide and seek, with the ominous clouds, I thought of the Hindu god Shiva and what he symbolizes as the dancing Nataraja. Shiva, he who dances life into creation simply for the joy of it. I recall the yogic Shiva teachings that two of his powers are to conceal and reveal, and in an unusual sort of way I’m comforted by this idea.

Just as the sunlight of our hearts and our brilliance is often concealed, we often forget our connection to the Divine Light.

We forget that intrinsically we are created of Love and that we are Love. We feel the limitations of being human and believe in the illusion that we are not smart enough, beautiful enough, good enough, creative enough, witty enough, or talented enough. We believe that we are less than.

Like the sun hidden behind the clouds, so to is our Intrinsic Worth. Our Intrinsic Enough-ness is hidden behind the cloud of our forgetfulness.

Yet, even though we can not see the sun we trust that it is still there hidden from sight.  We trust that it will radiate warmth and luminosity again because we have been a witness to it. The light of the sun revealing itself in all of its glory is part of our human experience.

So too, may we trust that the light of awareness will once again shine through the cloudy veils of false beliefs and we will remember that we are magnificent reflections of Divine Light.

We will have moments, hours, and even days that the Light of our Hearts will shine through the seams and cracks of our humanness as a candle illuminates a darkened room. It is our practices – meditation, contemplation, visualization, asana, and more, that strengthens and fans the flame of our Inner Light.

My invitation to you this month is to take time to appreciate this lovely time of year. Take a walk in the crisp early hours of the morning and look up at the vastness of the sky as clouds billow past, and pause long enough to appreciate this being human.

Pause long enough to equally appreciate the real possibility that Grace may enter into your consciousness. As a result you will dazzle and sparkle with the Truth of who you are – shimmering radiantly with the Light of Love.

“If you put your heart against the earth with me, in serving every creature, our Beloved will enter you from our sacred realm and we will be, we will be so happy.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rumi

Announcements and Updates

Please note: Due to the unpredictability of the weather, which has brought back the buzzing mosquitoes, for this month’s Full Moon evening event there will be no outdoor asana. The focus will be meditation, contemplation, discussion and a shared meal. Please register with the link below. Donation of $25 reflects the change of schedule. Contact me with any questions you may have.

Reminder:The Free Global Feminine Potential Summit begins tomorrow Tuesday, November 4. I am thrilled to share that I will be interviewing the founder of GFPM, Denise Hamilton Hatch. All calls will be recorded if you can’t be live on the phone. Register with the link below.

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