Happy March, Happy Friday, Happy Birthday!

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She had straight shoulder-length honey colored hair and clear pale blue eyes that pierced right through you.

Me, I was her opposite. Short medium brown hair with dark intense eyes that almost always looked down and away.

Both of us new to the neighborhood, new to the elementary school. As imagined outsiders we magnetically were drawn to one other.

Two kindred spirits longing to be seen, but yet so afraid. Two shy introverted pre-teen girls who found comfort in each other’s company.

As the years went by we fell in love, got married, only to live Not so happily ever after.

Our friendship ebbing and flowing through the years we learned how to traverse the deep dark valleys and vicissitudes of life.

Together we traversed divorce, disappointment, and distance.

We learned that a deep abiding friendship can and will withstand the tumult of life’s challenges if there is commitment to the relationship.

Today I honor and celebrate the young girl who became a woman and remains my dear friend.

Today I wish her happy birthday.

I’m in deep gratitude for the many many years she has loved me…no matter what.

This tribute and blessing is for the sacred sacrament of friendship.

May we be mirrors for one another that we reflect back the beauty and goodness that each of us sees in the other.

May we reflect back the areas that each of us hopes to improve, grow stronger, deepen, expand.

May we be accountable to each other.

May we accept one another with all of our foibles.

May we accept our shadow side and know it to be just that – a shadow in search for the light of awareness.

May we help shine the light of possibility on the dark abyss of pain, confusion and self-doubt.

May we be the voice of support and encouragement urging the other to follow their dreams.

May we acknowledge and honor each other’s accomplishments, for in the other we are inspired.

May we be the first one to applaud, cheer and revel in the other’s brilliance.

May we hold out a helping hand when one of us stumbles, falters or begins to fall down the rabbit hole of despair.

May we be compassionate, loving, honest, kind, and forthright.

May we hold the space of sacredness so that we may disagree and love one another still.

May we always remember that the foundation of friendship is built upon mutual respect, trust and love.

May we always remember that a true friend is a rare exquisite immeasurable gift.




With Love and Gratitude,


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  1. Beautiful tribute to friendship. I, too, am blessed with a few friendships that have stood and supported us through the tests of times.

  2. Beautiful tribute to friendship. I, too, am blessed with a few friendships that have stood and supported us through the tests of times. It really is a special bond.

    1. Yes! It is a blessing Andrea.

      John O’Donohue wrote about that bond in “Anam Cara-A Book of Celtic Wisdom.” He defines anam cara as soul friend. He writes, “With the anam cara you could share your innermost self, your mind, and your heart…In this love, you are understood as you are without mask or pretension.”

  3. I think my best attribute as a friend is the ability to listen, and the sisterhood that I feel from my female friends is indeed priceless. I cannot imagine my life without friendship.

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