“The best way I could describe Paulette’s teaching is summed up in one word; nectar! Every week I am given the gift of tasting this sweet, wonderful nectar which feeds my body and soul. Paulette encourages us to reach deep within and find the spark to empower ourselves. In this way we can live a life of purpose.” Joan
“Paulette’s words weaved through the days that followed and played a big role in being able to finally make a decision.”Deb
As a student, my heart has expanded and mended and above all realized acceptance, which was my blessed intention.Karen B.
“I’m at peace with myself”Karen K.
“Your reminders and new tools of pulling me out of my thoughts and stories and into my real life, made me feel safe to open my eyes and heart again. It was exactly what I needed. I am stronger. So grateful.”Maggie
“I want to sit with your thoughts and go inside myself”Phyllis

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