December – The Psychology of Sacred Times

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I don’t know about you, but December arrived on my doorstep before I even finished putting away Thanksgiving left-overs.

My heart quickens, its beat accelerating, as my internal time piece sets off alarm bells warning me that I’m far behind schedule in the holiday merry-making plans.

I’m sure you relate. So please, put aside the shopping list for a few minutes and read on, because it’s important to remember that December is a most compelling and sacred time of year.

December 16, at sunset, marks the first day of Hanukkah ending on nightfall December 24.

December 21 brings the winter solstice to the Northern Hemisphere, with a new moon blessing on the 22.

While the 25th of December finds many people celebrating Christmas.

Regardless of religious affiliation, we sense a potency, and feel the powerful energies as we move fluidly into the darkening waning of a year. Then, all at once, we return to the light and the waxing of a new day, a new year. 

I believe there is a psychology to engaging the sacred. Currently, we define psychology as the study of the mind, or the study of human behavior. However, the word psychology has its roots in Greek and Latin, originally defining it as the study of the soul. 

I really like the sound and feel of that prescription – the study of the soul. 

Thus, this sacred sliver of time asks us to slow down, inviting us to dwell in the dark cave of one’s own soul or Self.

This sacred time invites the individual, you and me, to enter into the matrix of all Life in order to ponder, percolate, and pierce through the veil of the seen and unseen.

In truth, I understand fully that the holidays are busy and chaotic. And, that you might be feeling fragmented and scattered.That is precisely why it’s even more important to commit space for personal reflection. 

Because, what you think and do truly matters. It matters to the quality of your life, and to the quality of those you experience life with.

Be mindful. Be present. Be cultivating a life of purposeful meaning.

This month my invitation is to ask yourself five questions.

1. What quality of heart did I deepen this year?

2. What practice helped me return to my center as I faced challenges? 

3. What am I holding on to for dear life that is actually diminishing my life?

4. What is my personal intention for 2015?

5. What makes my heart sing and my spirit soar that I will do more of in 2015?

Now, sit for five minutes with a grateful heart. Truly feel gratitude in every fiber of your being. When you sit in gratitude you expand gratitude – for yourself and for others. When you live in a grateful state you live in a soulful state of being-ness…no matter what.


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With love and holiday blessings,


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