“Coaching provides a safe environment in which collaboration between coach and client is established inviting curiosity and conversation while seeking commitment and clarity. In creating a safe space of exploration the client is able to open to new perspectives and possibilities beyond the immediate concern.”

Are you curious to learn how to connect to your Higher-self?

Do you want to befriend your inner critic so you learn to hear the kernel of truth in the chatter?

Want to transform your power leaks into power resources?

If you’re saying “yes,” keep reading.

We start by using the Ayurveda Dosha Assessments and the Enneagram Personality Assessment. I will guide you with these tools and help you understand their meaning. You’ll have many “ah-hah” moments along the way to discovering yourself.

By working with me you will have the ability to:

  • Make smarter decisions

  • Become clear on what you want and need

  • Break free from self-limiting thoughts and beliefs

  • Sync up your personality with your Higher-self

Are you ready to learn more ? See the program level descriptions below.

Wake Up to Yourself

(approx. 2 mo./5 sessions)Are you deeply curious about your self? You will learn whom you truly are, what motivates you, what your self-limiting beliefs are and how to move beyond them.


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Wake Up, Love Your Life

(approx. 5 mo./15 sessions)Ready to move from practice to action? Are you looking to live the life you have always wanted, now? Using the tools from my yoga philosophy and spiritual teachings you will assume your full potential.


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Full program 30 sessions

One-on-one programs are individualized and will go at your pace. Choose the package that fits you best based on your level of self-awareness, realization or what you are most interested in. It is recommended to start with the Wake Up to Your Self package and work through the full program. If you’d like to talk more about the programs contact me.