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Hip Hip Hooray It’s a Brand-spanking New Year!

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‘Cause 2016 was a wee bit of a challenge. It began with a great big new year’s bang on January 2 when I landed in the hospital for an emergency endoscopy. And that my friends was only the beginning. This past year was fraught with personal health issues that forced me to step away from teaching. It also found me helping move my elderly parents into a senior living community. While facing the mild to severe health concerns of their generation. Not to mention lots of hiccups that occurred in between. Furthermore, this is the second time I’ve helped to …

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While I Was Falling In Love – The World Was Falling Apart

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If we’re connected on social media you might have seen pictures of my recent trip to upstate New York. It was a first. A new adventure exploring that part of the country. Immediately I began to fall in love with its beauty and the people I met along the way.  The impetus for traveling was to attend “summer camp” with Dr. Douglas Brooks, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Rochester. I’ve been studying with Douglas for well over 10 years. Summer camp is an Indian myth lover’s dream. We spent four intensive days immersed in Hindu lore as …

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Guess Who I Found In the Middle Of A Maelstrom?

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More of Me. “What’s she talking about?” you might be asking. Perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve been incognito the past few months. Many of you have sweetly reached out inquiring as to my where about. Much appreciated. Today I’m here to tell you that I’ve been smack dab in the center of a serious health concern. A couple in fact. One thing I’ve learned is that you can be certain that life is uncertain. Unpredictable. At any given moment we are greeted with great joy, faced with immense suffering, and met with neutrality. Often within seconds. Or three breaths. Several years …

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“What’s Your Mother’s Secret In Being A …

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Vital And Vibrant 88 Year Old Woman?” My mother and I are sitting in the doctor’s office. A specialist in breast cancer. In fact she’s a surgical oncologist. A 40-ish looking woman walks in wearing comfortable stylish black shoes. A plaid wool skirt and black sweater. No makeup. Her naturally pretty face instead wears compassion and kindness. She introduces herself and pulls up a chair in front of us. Barely an inch breath between their knees. The doctor leans forward and looks directly into my mother’s eyes. She is present. Clear. Direct. Taking hold of her hand she asks my …

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Oh My Gosh – It was Crazy!

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I can’t sleep. Tossing and turning. My husband and dog softly snoring. I slip out of bed. Grab my water. Pad to my office on the other side of the house. Fire up my computer. Start writing.  Sometimes when I’m writing it’s agonizingly slow. But tonight I’m in a rhythm. Words flowing in the dark of night. A distant rumble. And then a herd of elk pounding across the roof. No. It’s a micro-burst. Wait. Are there people stampeding. I think the foam roof is being ripped off. What the heck. Could it be an earthquake? From the sky? I …

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The Number One Way to Decide – “Is This Really For Me?”

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Because tons of choices can be bad for your health. It’s 108 degrees out and I’m sitting at a table in an air-conditioned Starbucks waiting for my assistant. And, for my body temperature to cool down so that I can make a somewhat coherent decision. I’m not a Starbucks junkie or frequent flyer. But it’s a great location for us to meet and get some work done. Staring at the menu items my head spins with the drink options. New -Cold Brew Coffee. Iced Caramel Macchiato. Espresso Con Panna. Evolution Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice. Handcrafted Fizzio Soda… What the heck? And …

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How to Be Happy in a Crazy World.

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I have an important question for you. What is the source of your happiness? Stay with me for a minute. Don’t answer on auto-pilot. Take a breath and pause. Do you feel that your happiness is dependent on your outer circumstances? Do you say to yourself, “I’ll be happy when I nail that dream job?” Or, “When I find that perfect someone my life will be complete?” Did you know that August is national Happiness Month? I imagine that if your life isn’t feeling, well…exactly happy as planned, just the idea of Happiness Month might feel depressing. Don’t panic. I …

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The Gnarly Rocky Road of Life

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The red dirt path takes a quick right turn. It’s filled with with rocks of various shapes and sizes that forces me to look down in order not to tumble. Making a little game of it I jump over and around the river rock. About a mile into the forest storm clouds form above the swaying tops of the Ponderosa pines. Thunder rumbles in the distance. Gathering force it shocks the stillness as lightening slashes across the sky, warning me that soon the monsoon rains will soak the parched earth. My emotions reflect the turbulent weather. I plunge ahead. The …

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What Is Your Legacy?

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I’m sitting in the dining room at the home of my 87 and 88 year old parents. The table is laden with an Italian frittata, Arugula salad, crusty bread warm from the oven, an assortment of olives, fresh fruit, and of course Biscotti. My mother sits at one end of the table, My father at the other. I’m squeezed in next to my mother so I’m able to jump up into the kitchen when needed. The air sizzles with love. My folks were hairstylists. For over 30 years they owned a salon on the north side of Chicago. Five of their …

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Happy March, Happy Friday, Happy Birthday!

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She had straight shoulder-length honey colored hair and clear pale blue eyes that pierced right through you. Me, I was her opposite. Short medium brown hair with dark intense eyes that almost always looked down and away. Both of us new to the neighborhood, new to the elementary school. As imagined outsiders we magnetically were drawn to one other. Two kindred spirits longing to be seen, but yet so afraid. Two shy introverted pre-teen girls who found comfort in each other’s company. As the years went by we fell in love, got married, only to live Not so happily ever after. Our …