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Hip Hip Hooray It’s a Brand-spanking New Year!

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‘Cause 2016 was a wee bit of a challenge. It began with a great big new year’s bang on January 2 when I landed in the hospital for an emergency endoscopy. And that my friends was only the beginning. This past year was fraught with personal health issues that forced me to step away from teaching. It also found me helping move my elderly parents into a senior living community. While facing the mild to severe health concerns of their generation. Not to mention lots of hiccups that occurred in between. Furthermore, this is the second time I’ve helped to …

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Why I Refuse to Make New Year’s Resolutions

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For more years than I care to admit I spent agonizing hours making lists of resolutions that I was sure I would pursue, accomplish and complete. However, after majestically failing at most of them year after year after year I simply stopped cold turkey. Oddly enough, the first New Year that I refused to make another resolution, I felt I was failing yet again. I felt oddly bereft, as if I lost something. And here’s the thing, I was losing something. I was loosing a dirty little habit that was un-healthy for me. I let go of a habit that had been perpetuating my insecurities, my self-doubt, my self-worth issues, my false beliefs…well, you get the picture. I …

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December – The Psychology of Sacred Times

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I don’t know about you, but December arrived on my doorstep before I even finished putting away Thanksgiving left-overs. My heart quickens, its beat accelerating, as my internal time piece sets off alarm bells warning me that I’m far behind schedule in the holiday merry-making plans. I’m sure you relate. So please, put aside the shopping list for a few minutes and read on, because it’s important to remember that December is a most compelling and sacred time of year. December 16, at sunset, marks the first day of Hanukkah ending on nightfall December 24. December 21 brings the winter solstice to the Northern Hemisphere, with a new moon blessing on the 22. While the 25th of December finds many people celebrating Christmas. Regardless of religious affiliation, we sense a potency, and feel the powerful energies as …