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Don’t Run Away

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Dear Friends, Fall has arrived in Arizona! Just when I was ready to pack up the RV and once again run from the heat the heavens opened up, drenched us with cleansing waters and brought about a much-needed sense of relief. As I begin to reflect back on the year thus far I am in awe of how grace has held me. Descending down into the depths of sadness from the loss of my mom, not to mention the devastating state of the world, through it all love surrounds me. Walking the path that is yoga, and with the support …

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Transitions and Transformations

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Dear Friends,   On Saturday, September 22, an incredible group of women gathered to celebrate the fall equinox. To honor the transition of the long hot days of summer welcoming in the cooler shorter days of fall. We were blessed to have the opportunity to sit in circle and walk the sacred land near the Tonto National Forest. While locally in Arizona the temps have continued to hover in the 100’s the hope and promise of what fall brings was collectively held in our hearts. My friend and collaborator of the Harvest Home day retreat and I, intentionally chose this …

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Is Your Yoga A Narcotic?

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Gosh, I sure hope not. But quite frankly, I’m seeing it. Hearing it. Feeling it. Yoga has fast become the new drug of choice. For many of us in the yoga community we choose not to get down and dirty. Play in the mud with “those” people who try to drag us into the mire. We so desire a more peaceful world, one that supports the equal rights of all, that we turn the other way when what we are seeing does not match up to our ideals. We go to our mats with a mission, and sit on our …

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What Is Your Legacy?

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I’m sitting in the dining room at the home of my 87 and 88 year old parents. The table is laden with an Italian frittata, Arugula salad, crusty bread warm from the oven, an assortment of olives, fresh fruit, and of course Biscotti. My mother sits at one end of the table, My father at the other. I’m squeezed in next to my mother so I’m able to jump up into the kitchen when needed. The air sizzles with love. My folks were hairstylists. For over 30 years they owned a salon on the north side of Chicago. Five of their …