Sacred Sunday – Let’s Talk Tantra

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Ciao Amica Mia, Shall we? Afterall, it’s one of those words that’s bandied about quite frequently these days. Yet, it still surprises me, though I don’t know why, that in general when people hear the word Tantra, … Read More

Welcome to Sacred Sunday

Paulette BodemanBlog, Sacred Sunday

Ciao Amica Mia, I’m so thrilled to be teaching, The Roadmap to Legacy, course. We’re three weeks in and the response is heart-warming and humbling.   The deeper we dive into the teachings, the deeper I immerse into … Read More

Don’t Run Away

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Dear Friends, Fall has arrived in Arizona! Just when I was ready to pack up the RV and once again run from the heat the heavens opened up, drenched us with cleansing waters and brought … Read More

Love, Loss and Legacy <3

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I imagine that many of you already know that on May 30th my 90-year-old mother passed away. I’ve written a few posts expressing my overwhelming feelings of grief and grand loss. My mother was an … Read More

My New Years Camping Story

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For those of you who might remember, I didn’t come to RVing or “glamping,” with grace. I arrived kicking and screaming. While growing up, my folks purchased a speed boat and we kids enjoyed water … Read More

Beauty. Blessings. And Bullshit.

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It’s been six weeks since our little band of mystic heart pilgrims and I were surrounded by the beauty and blessings that is Bali. I close my eyes and return to the lush green rice … Read More