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I’m glad you’re here! Did you know that desire is rooted in ancient Tantric teachings? It’s the impulse that moves you towards more love, joy and fulfillment in your life. In my 20+ years of study and teaching I’ve learned that “yoga is not about mastering the perfect pose, but about accepting all the pieces and parts of you. Integrating the light and the shadow in order to create the life you desire.” Now is the time and I’m dedicated to helping you do just that.

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(Creator of the Mindful Meditation Method)

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A solo-entrepreneur, writer, teacher, coach, and eternal optimist who also likes to keep it real. And, I’m dedicated to helping you find what’s keeping you stuck in the muck of your story and not blossoming into the life you envision for yourself.

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I came to Paulette for guidance on a difficult matter and one that I had been carrying around for quite some time. She coached me through a beautiful session of self-reflection and her words were filled with support and understanding. They weaved through the days that followed and played a big role in being able to finally make a decision. I am so grateful for her!Veda

Paulette has been my lifeboat in the imperfect storm of my life. The waters are still rough at times, but the skills I have learned help me every day of my life. I truly feel that I am now on my way to becoming the person I was always meant to be.Amy

Guided personal coaching has transformed me changed my perspective on life and has brought healing magic not only to myself but in all my relationships.Dunia

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